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Know a friend that would love a better job?

Earn cash by referring them to jobs on Wrangle.

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Get paid to be a job finder for your friends.

Refer friends for jobs. Earn cash. Repeat.

Know a friend that would love a better job? Wrangle can help you connect your friends to better jobs through the power of referrals. Wrangle is the only truly referral based job finder amongst the job search engines.

You come across a job.

You find a job posted on Wrangle that looks interesting.

You have a friend.

You know a friend or two that would be great at this job.

You refer the job to your friend.

After signing up for Wrangle, using email, Facebook or Twitter, you send the job to your friend. No job search engines required.

Your friend gets hired.

Your friend applies for the job and is hired by the company.

You get paid

50$ from Wrangle for the first successful referral, and possibly more from the company hiring for every successful referral.

Start Earning Cash!

Help friends get better jobs through referrals.

By leveraging the power of your social networks you can refer jobs to your friends quickly and easily, and be rewarded for your efforts! Find a job on Wrangle’s job finder, send it to a friend using email, Facebook or Twitter and encourage them to apply through Wrangle. When they do apply, your referral will be included in the application, and if they get hired, Wrangle will send you a cheque for $50! Helping friends get better jobs has never been so easy.

How is Wrangle different from the other job search engines?

Unlike many of the other job finder systems out there, we’ve kept things simple, easy and fast when it comes to finding, referring and applying for jobs. Our system and the user interface on top of it is built to work on almost every device from the smallest smartphone to the largest desktop screen. Try Wrangling jobs on your phone, tablet or computer, we think you’ll like it.